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Apple Reportedly Releasing Two iPad Models In 2012

Apple is known to follow its release cycles. In March 2012, a full year would have passed by since Apple released the iPad 2 on March 2, 2011. So it goes without saying that these days, the rumour mill is spinning out new speculation regarding the upcoming Apple tablet. While we have already heard much speculation about possible features and specifications, a new rumour claims that Apple will release two iPad models in 2012.

apple ipad e1325254185910 Apple Reportedly Releasing Two iPad Models In 2012

Even if Apple decides against releasing two iPad models in 2012, there will most definitely be the release of iPad 3. A lot of rumours have been going around regarding its specification and features. On the subject of two iPads being released, the source claims Apple will make one iPad for the high-end market and the other for lower-end market. Both iPads will retain their legendary 9.7-inch form factor. Contrary to popular belief, even if the company does release a second iPad model in 2012, it’s not going to a 7-inch iPad that has been rumoured to be manufactured as a direct competitor of Amazon’s now popular Kindle Fire tablet.

Furthermore it has also been said that both iPads will have double the battery power as compared to their predecessor. The iPad 2 currently has a battery back of 6,500 mAH. The new battery pack on these probable two iPads in 2012 is going to be of 14,000 mAH. Batteries aside, better cameras have also been hinted. It is expected that both of these models will have a 5 and 8 megapixel camera supplied by Samsung and Sony.

There’s one thing that does seem amiss in this rumour. The source claims Apple will announce both of these iPad models at the iWorld/Macworld conference later next month. It so happens that Apple has not officially been present at the show since 2008 despite the fact that this conference is the single largest Mac/Apple fan event in the world. Even at this point in time, sources tell us that Apple has no plans whatsoever of making an appearance at iWorld/Macworld conference.