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The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers

Productivity is something that most bloggers and freelancers are constantly trying to improve. There are many free and paid tools available to help you get organized, but which ones should you use?

In this list we’ll look at some of the best tools for managing tasks, taking notes, storing in the cloud, and saving articles for later reading. As an added bonus, we’ve even thrown in a few tools for those of you that have meetings.

Please use the comparison table below to see which systems and devices are supported for each tool; you can also view pricing.

Comparison Table

Service Category Windows App Mac App iOS App Android App Other Support Pricing
Coolendar Todo and Task No No Yes Yes Kindle Fire, Google Talk, Email Free
IQTELL Todo and Task No No Yes Yes No Free
HiTask Todo and Task Yes Yes Yes Yes Mobile (via browser) Free; Premium – $6/month; Business – $23/month
Simplenote Note Taking Yes Yes Yes Yes Linux, Symbian, webOS, PlayBook, WP7, Email Free
Memonic Note Taking Yes Yes Yes Yes Email Free; Premium – $28/year
UberNote Note Taking No No No Yes Mobile (via browser), AIM, Email Free; Supporter – $29/Year; Premium – Coming SOon
CloudKafe Cloud Storage No No No No No Free
Primadesk Cloud Storage No No Yes Yes No Free; Pro – $5/month; Premium – $10/month
Otixo Cloud Storage No No No No Mobile or Desktop (via WebDAV) Free; Business – $4.99/month
Evernote Clearly Read Later No No No No No Free
Readability Read Later No No Yes Yes Kindle Fire, Mobile (via browser and app integrations), Email, Twitter Free

Productivity Tools

Todo and Task Management

Every blogger and freelancer needs a good todo and task management tool to help them get organized. There’s no way that you can totally depend on your memory when it comes to the tasks that you need to get done during the week. So if you’re not already using a tool or don’t like the tool you’re currently using, one of these may help.


Instead of the usual tasks and calendar views, Coolendar gives you a simple list for getting organized. You can add #hashtags and @mention your friends and coworkers for group planning. Plus, you can set up alerts so that you never forget a thing.

Coolendar The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers


Allows you to manage everything from a single location. No more separate apps for email, contacts, tasks, calendar, notes, etc. With IQTELL you only need a single product to get organized and boost your productivity. It’s currently in private beta, so you’ll have to snag an invite to get started.

IQTELL The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers


A simple yet powerful tool that focuses on managing tasks and todo lists. Plus you can use it to collaborate with team members on projects. It’s also great for improving time management and lets you create an organized schedule.

HiTask The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers

You may want to try: Taskforce, Producteev or

Note Taking

When it comes to researching topics, taking notes is important so that you can remember your thoughts and ideas. Many times you may think of something and then forget about it an hour or even ten minutes later! With note taking apps like these, your forgetfulness no longer has to be an issue.


As the name implies, Simplenote focuses on simplicity. Besides creating notes and lists, you can also share and search through them, organize them with tags and more. You can access your notes everywhere – on your Windows or Mac computer or iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

Simplenote The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers


Along with creating and organizing notes, Memonic lets you clip content from any website with its smart Web Clipper. It also integrates with popular business tools likes SalesForce, SharePoint, Evernote and Whether you’re on Windows, Mac OS X, an iPhone or Android device, there is an app for you.

Memonic The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers


Similar to IQTELL (mentioned above), UberNote is an all-in-one productivity tool. You can use it to create notes and task lists, organize your contacts, clip Web content, add bookmarks, plan events and much more.

UberNote The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers

You may also want to try: Evernote, Fetchnotes or Springpad.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is extremely useful if you work from more than one location or use more than one computer/device. You can store your files and then access them from any anywhere since your files are in the cloud. You may want to save written content that you’re working on or media (images, videos, audio) that you want to use with your content.


CloudKafe is great for storing and managing your documents, photos, videos, music, notes and contacts. You can also organize your content using categories and tags. Lastly, you can share files by email or on Facebook with friends or coworkers.

CloudKafe The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers


An all-in-one cloud tool for those that use a number of different services for email, photos and documents. You can search through your content from these different providers and use Primadesk to back up the files that are important to you.

Primadesk The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers


Access all of your cloud storage tools from a single location and search through them with ease. If you use Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, SugarSync and more, it can be a pain having to access each one individually. With Otixo, you only need one tool and can preview and manage your files from it.

Otixo The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers

You may also way to try: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive.

Save for Later

If you do a lot of research and reading on the Web, you’re sure to come across articles and pages that you don’t have time to read, but want to read later. These tools will help you do just that. Some Web browsers, like Safari, have now added a Reading List feature for this exact reason.

Evernote Clearly

From the popular note-taking tool Evernote comes Clearly. This tool not only makes articles cleaner and easier to read, but also allows you to save them in Evernote to read later – with just one click.

Evernote Clearly The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers


This tool cleans up articles and makes them easier to read, much like Evernote Clearly. You can also save articles to read later in your Readability account, which you can access either on your computer or mobile device.

Readability The Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers and Freelancers

You may also like: Pocket, Instapaper or Memonic (has a “Read Later” option on the Web Clipper; also mentioned above).

Bonus: Meeting Tools

Noteleaf – Do you have meetings? Use Noteleaf to keep track of who you’re meeting with and when. – A simple tool for taking meeting notes. Once you’re done, share them with all who attended. – An online and face-to-face meeting collaboration tool.

What is your favorite productivity tool for blogging or freelance tasks?