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‘Dropbox for Teams’ Launches

Dropbox is a cloud service that provides storage and data sharing over any device.  A new paid version of the service has just been launched, known as “Dropbox for Teams”.  This service is priced at US$800 a year for five users and an additional US$125 for each additional user.

Dropbox for Teams is a cloud service aimed at professionals, placing a lot of emphasis on extensive administrative controls and support.  There is a capped total of 1TB of storage for the first five users of any contract, with each additional user getting an extra 200GB.
teamslogo Dropbox for Teams Launches
Along with extensive storage capabilities and centralised billing and support, this new Dropbox service also promises to sync across all devices that have Dropbox installed.  At the moment, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Dropbox files are stored on encrypted Amazon S3 servers, with local copies also available on users’ computers for additional backup.  Basically, a local folder is created and synchronised to the Dropbox servers, with users then able to share specific folders through the use of invitations.

Dropbox for Teams also keeps a one month history of users’ work, although it has been critisized for a lack of integration with some business software.  For example, there is no workspaces, task management, or collaboration features available at this stage, according to TechNewsWorld.

However, people are already swarming to the service, thanks to some clever marketing and the promise of extensive billing and phone support.  It also offers the advantage of a data usage bonus, with files only counted once even when they are shared with others.