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Alphanumeric Morse Code Translator

Display and Translate Morse code automatically – Morse.js

Morse.js is a jQuery plugin for translating alphanumeric characters to Morse and echoing┬áMorse┬ácode to the user’s speakers.

morsecode Display and Translate Morse code automatically   Morse.jsThe morse code you’ve entered is translated into morse, and Morse.js also generates an audio of the text you’ve typed.

So — the big question — what is morse.js useful for?

First of all, Morse.js might come in handy for solving notpron or other internet puzzles. It’s also convenient for an office worker, especially if you’ve a Dwight Schrute-like character in your office.

However, morse code is also useful for some disabled people; if you specialize in a charity for people with sensory disabilities, a morse code translator can come in handy at all times.