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Beautiful Iphone App

35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

iPhone created a revolution with its touch screen interface, sleek design and variety of features. More than a mobile phone, it integrates the capabilities of a hard drive, a music player and redefined the traditional phone keypad with its virtual keyboard. Not only these but there are a lot other third party applications or apps which have been developed to create different functions. They are created as separate applications to cater individual needs.

These applications can be used for many different works such as to show only news, or use it as a GPS application, or you could use it purely for entertainment purposes like games which come with high end graphics or you could turn your iPhone into a musical gadget. These can be purchased from the iTunes store for a minimal amount but can serve you the up-to-date information.

We present you with a round-up of these apps which can cater your personal and professional needs. They come with a great design and interface to enhance your work productively. Quite easy to use and with such a lesser price tag, you sure would not like to miss these. You could visit the store directly and know about the product details, reviews from other users and any compatibility issues.


Convertbot is a conversion application which can convert more than 500 units in 20 different categories like current, length, rates etc. You could also convert mixed unit to and fro like Foot and inches, hours and minutes and more. You have an audio feedback to make your input effortless, a calculator mode also included. Has more than 150 different currency units to make your trading easy with any country in the world with a price of just $1.99. Website | Store

convertbot1 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

2.Rotary Dialer

A fusion of classic example, Retro themed dialer in your iPhone to give a stylish look. Not only the looks but this features the authentic voice and dial pad as seen in a traditional phone with a backspace. It has multiple themes for different looks and comes with a price of just 99 cents. It has been given a rating of more than 4 and this supports dialing with Skype too. So, start dialing from your iPhone sticking your finger into the holes. Store

rotary dialer1 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

3.Adobe Photoshop for iPhone and iPad

The Photoshop app for iPhone can enhance your pictures by rotating, cropping and changing the color saturation, exposure and tint. Give and extra glow to your pictures with a light touch. You could also use the filters, effects like vibrant, pop, rainbow, soft black and white and give an attractive border to your pictures in different shapes and shades. This app can upload and store data as photos and videos of up to 2GB online. Website | Store

photoshop1 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface


Managing your weight daily can be a great fun with this app Weightbot which tracks your weight and plots them beautifully in a graph. Set a goal for yourself and get the interesting data in an analytical way where you can view your weight over time and goals as your daily progress. You can also view the BMI and toggle between different units like kg or lbs for weight and ft or cm for height. You can protect your data from spying eyes and lot more with a price of $1.99. Website | Store

weightbot1 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

5.Tweetie – Twitter Client for iPhone

Get an advance and polished Twitter experience with this app ‘Tweetie’ which can handle multiple Twitter accounts, restores your entire UI in case you get any calls, do everything as in Twitter, upload your photos and videos. An all new offline mode so that you can read, tweet, follow and more when you are offline which get synced as you are back online. Translate your tweets, edit your profile, manage multiple accounts simultaneously and lot more with this application of just 5 MB. Website | Store

tweetie iphone2 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface


The official Tumblr iPhone app, Tumblerette makes it easy to post your photos, videos, audio to your Tumblelog. You can capture videos from your camera and post it directly to see your posts from your blogs with the built in Dashboard. Now you can save your unfinished posts automatically with the ‘Auto-Save’ feature when you receive a call. Save as draft, Add to queue, Send to Twitter or Ask a question and more without any cost. Website | Store

iphone app5 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

7.Groups 1.1

Organize your contacts and manage your groups in a different manner with Groups 1.1 which is a ‘Contact Groper tool’ functioning in a ‘Drag & Drop approach’. You can manage all the operations like create, rename, hide, color, navigate in a single view, send mass e-mails to any groups, a built-in dial pad to quickly make calls and filter the matched contacts. Groups also allows you to keep in sync with the built-in address book. All these functions and a lot more to preserve and manage your contact in a price of $3.99.

Website | Store

groups1 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

8. Analytics

Access your Google Analytics data in your iPhone with Analytics App, which gives a quick access to your reports and data, the number of leads and the most used keywords and more in more than 55 reports and 20 goal reports in multiple metrics which show the results in more than 100 rows. Manage multiple accounts, multiple sites and change your log in anytime. Keep your data secure with a secure connection directly to Google and customize your data range. Works on WiFi, 3G or EDGE. Priced at $6.99 but worth the cost. Website | Store

analytics app 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

9. Ego

No need to visit website to check your data each time by logging in instead Check the web statistics with ‘Ego’ like the number of visits to your website on an hourly, daily, monthly basis and the subscription totals, feed changes, followers on Twitter and more. At a price of $1.99 you can check Google Analytics, reply to your Twitter mentions, browse the tumblr dashboard in one go from Ego with the support of its multiple widgets.   Website | Store

ego app 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

10. Phantom fish

Get your free Google Reader, subscribe to your favorite websites and keep a track to it and view up to 1000 items from those sites or blogs when you are offline. Phantom Fish from Byline has an built-in web browser for offline browsing feature which gives a complete access to your web pages and automatically get synchronized and brings you the new content. You can sent your full articles, share the notes and integrate with Twitter, Instapaper and Read It Later. All these features are included in this free version. Website | Store

phantomfish 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

11. Satisfaction Remote

Build online communities, find people and products, start conversing and increase your productivity by dealing with your customers in a satisfactory way by conversing with them. This is an iPhone app for interacting with the People-Powered Customer Service ‘Get Satisfaction’ which builds better products, increase its SEO and is more customer loyal. A great app for developing your business in free of cost. Website | Store

satisfactionremote.1 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

12. Tags

Browse your ‘Delicious’ bookmarks and discover new websites in your network, inbox or other bookmarks. An Auto-complete feature to enter your tags quickly, an animated tag to filter your bookmarks, Open new websites and save them to your bookmark collection which can be marked as ‘Private’. Website

omz software 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

13. iStat

iStat is used to monitor your iPhone’s battery percentage and the time remaining for other tasks, memory, disk space and cell IP addresses. iStat can also monitor your CPU, temperature, fans, up-time and load average of any Mac. You can also this app in you Linux and Solaris versions. This behaves almost like an X-ray machine as said by Michael Alexander of AppCraver. Comes with a minimal price of 99 cents and has the credit of the best and trace route for iPhone and iPad touch. Website | Store

istat 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

14. CompareMe

A must use companion for your investors, shoppers, negotiations and bargaining, CompareMe as the name is used to compare and convert the prices of products with different volumes and sizes. You can set the discounts and premiums which will be calculated accordingly. It supports units in Numbers in pieces, dozens, thousands, Volume in liter, milliliter. deciliter, gallon, barrel, inch, foot and more, Surface in square meter, square millimeter, acre and more and length in meter etc. Invest a price of $1.99 to get all these benefits. Website | Store

compareme 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

15. Tipulator

Confused about paying tips in a Restaurant? this fun app Tipulator easily calculates the restaurant tip on your iPhone. Just enter your bill amount and the percentage, Tipulator will calculate the tip and also split it among your friends. You can round off the tip and use the local currency settings and an optional check sum feature to prevent any frauds. Just 99 cents could do this job for you. Website | Store

tipulator 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

16. Measures Lite

Measures Lite is a conversion app for daily usage in work, travel or leisure. It has more than 16 categories of units including the length, area, weight, angle, torque, fuel consumption etc., Has a built in calculator, copy and paste support and alphabetical support for units for sorting based on any usage. All these comes for free.  Website | Store

neuwert media 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

17. Guitar Toolkit

Know everything about the Guitar with this app Guitar Toolkit which features a Chromatic tuner for a specific tuning, Scales for any tuning, Chord library of more than 500,000 chords. Chord finder to find the chord of any random tune, Metronome with 13 different sound effects and 12 time signatures, a Lefty mode for left handers and full support for 6 and 12 string guitar, 4, 5 and 6 string bass and more with $9.99 which is regarded as one of the highest rated applications.  Website | Store

guitartoolkit 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

18. Inquistor

Inquistor is an application to search the web and news. Keep yourselves updated on the newsworthy queries with the Integrated news search, which uses Yahoo search engine as its ‘Search Engine’ which surely gives an attractive look to its interface. Comes with a free price tag. Website | Store

inquisitorx 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

19. FlickIt

If you miss your Flick site while traveling then Flickit app compensates this by updating your Flickr photo stream wherever you are. You can add photos to your site from your iPhone library or take a new shot from your camera, Assign any new tags or create new ones and tag those photos with the geo location co-ordinates. Multiple photos can be uploaded in a batch, and additionally you can Twitter post them. All these functionality and no investment from your side.  Website | Store

flickit 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

20. Faces

Faces, a visual contact organizer which gives you a fast access to all your contacts, emails, blogs, addresses and organizes them in 8 pages with 12 contacts in each page with a total of 98 shortcuts for your contacts. You can group the contacts, add , delete, re-order or edit them, choose the images and assign them to contacts. Get the Face view of contacts by tapping and holding to the contact. A perfect way to organize your contacts in a simple yet pleasing way at a price of just $1.99. Website | Store

faces 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

21. Night Stand

Transform your iPhone into a smart clock with the app Night Stand which shows the world clock in its gorgeous face, multiple alarms, weather conditions like the local temperatures and a Stop Watch, all these in high resolution graphics with a price of $1.99.

Website | Store

spoonjuice 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

22. Classics

Classics app is a collection of some of the greatest literary masterpieces which can be experienced in digital writing and a natural way. A great reading experience with 3D page flicks and a peek to the next page as you complete the previous one and the app automatically places a satin bookmark while exiting the book. Get the experience of a library by tapping a book to open and tapping and holding on to drag and sort the books. Get your classical library in your iPhone at a price of $2.99. Website | Store

classics 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

23. Things

An intuitive task manager app for iPhone, ‘Things’ manages a list of things to be done ‘Today’, the ‘Next’ list after that, you can also shedule your things and prepare a box ‘Someday’ for ideas to be implemented in future. You can set a due-date for tasks which need immediate attention or has to be completed on a specified date. Create your personal agenda of your shopping timings or movie dates etc., and the completed tasks are automatically moved to the Logbook list. This useful app comes in a price of $9.99.

Website | Store

things 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

24. Outpost

Outpost 2 is the iOS application for Basecamp comes with amazing added features like ‘Calendar View’ to view your Schedule, Milestones, To-do’s to get an idea of your progress, a Multi – Account support, Message support to read and write new messages, Time Support to record and view any time entries, a Milestone support to mark your completed tasks and fix new ones, Partial Offline support which is the first for BaseCamp saves your messages, to-do’s and others so that you don’t have to download them again. Comes with a price of $19.99. Website | Store

outpostapp 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

25. Beats

Become a better DJ with the app Beats which combines BPM counter, an advanced Metronome which supports beat, duple and triplet timing and a key mixing aid. Also features an accurate tap tempo and metronome sound sets which come in a price of $1.99.

Website | Store

beats 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

26. Cities

Cities is an useful app for people traveling round the world which gives the information about any city on any date or time irrespective of the time zone so that you can easily schedule and org anise your meetings, conferences and meet people. This can compare any cities, or any timezone with cities and add your city if it is not listed in the 20,000 cities and more than 180 countries. With a price of $0.99 this can be a great app for business people to oraganise their work.  Website | Store

cities 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

27. Phases

An app capturing the beauty of moon, Phases shows all the information about the moon and a little about the sun too. This shows the phase of the moon for the next 8 days in past or future, age and illumination and a lot more where you can see the information about the moon from a database of more than 20,000 cities. Comes at a price of $0.99. Website | Store

phases 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

28. TeaRound

Settle the hot arguments in the office of ‘Who will make the tea’ with this app Tea Round which has the final hand in settling all the arguments and creating and saving as many rounds by shaking and spinning the wheel and deciding on who will make the coffee today in a price of $0.99. Website | Store

tearoundapp 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

29. Twitterific

An award winning Twitter client, ‘Twitterific’ is used to compose tweets, filter messages, unifies the messages, display the re-tweets, mentions and follows, blocks or un-follows the Twitter users, includes the link shortening, email and tweet translation. You can also control the font size and manage additional accounts from Twitter and remove any advertisements from the time line. All these and more can be derived from this free function.  Website | Store

twitterrific 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

30. Groceries

A shopping list which you can never forget and always keep a track of is what this app does for you, ‘Groceries’ which share your lists in email, organise your groceries, add notes to your items , helps you buy the right package size which stops you from buying any wong package sizes, manage multiple shopping lists, search your items instantly and also keep track of your favorite items and much more with a price of just $1.99. Website | Store

groceries 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

31. WhereTo?

A traditional GPS device in your iPhone, Where To? is an app which is used to locate any place like banks, schools, offices, cluns or anything with just a few taps and check those places on the built-in map. Add the location in your contacts, share with your friends in Twitter of Face book or drive to the place by getting the directions using ‘Maps’ or Navigon Mobile navigator. Also includes a VoiceOver support for the 700 customizable categories and 2,200 brands which can be found without typing which comes in a price of $2.99.  Website | Store
whereto en 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

32. Facebook

Stay connected and share information with your friends with this app ‘Facebook’. You can chat with your friends on Facebook, check your friends latest photos or any updations, track a phone number or upload your own photos wherever you are. You can check the news feeds, update your profile, check out any new requests, update any events and all the functionality as in Facebook for free.

Website | Store

facebook 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

33. Flickr

Flick app for iPhone is developed by Yahoo’s mobile team lets you use your Flickr in a lot of ways, you can take a photo and upload to Flickr website, view your activities, read the comment for your photos, search for anything new, see recent photos from your contacts and also the sideshows. You can also use the FlickIt, Darkslide and Mobile Fotos app with Flickr app. This app can be downloaded freely. Website

flickr 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

34. Pennies

A penny saved is a penny earned, so keep a track of here you spend your money with the app ‘Pennie’ where you can enter your monthly budget and track your expenses immediately with just two taps. An extremely simple interface to record your purchases, view your receipts daily or an overview about the performance in a month along with other expenses can be viewed in seconds. Supports many currencies and can be purchased at a price of $2.99.  Website | Store

pennies 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface

35. Spots

Spots is a hot spot directory containing more than half a million hot spots which locates at your current location. Does not require any internet connection since all the hot spots are stored on your iPhone itself. Website | Store

spots 35 Coolest iPhone Apps with Beautiful Interface