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Cool Jquery Mashups

Webification Mashup – 30-Oct-10

(To those who are oblivious about our cool Mashups – Webification Mashups are a weekly collection of useful & cool web resources that couldn’t make it into our daily posts. Now, without further ado–I won’t even bother to close the parentheses–, let’s take a look at what this Mashup brings us.)

  • 20+ Concept Illustrations by Tae Young Choi

    conceptart Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10
    Sometimes a thought comes to us, because we see something that provides us with impressions. In fact, it’s near impossible to create something truly unique today.

    That’s why we can become inspired simply by looking at art pieces–in this case, some really cool Sci-Fi art by Tae Young Choi.

  • Is jQuery Really Capable of Replacing Flash?

    Flash Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10
    Yes, it isn’t. Although Flash vs jQuery has become an ongoing debate, Flash isn’t going to be replaced in the near future.

    This article, although a bit jQuery-biased, explores the battle between the two in-depth.

  • 30 jQuery WordPress Tutorials and Plugins

    jquerycomments Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10
    It’s all about jQuery too often, not about what it can do together with other wares–WordPress, in this instance. This list is creative as it offers something beyond what the – “[x] cool jQuery plugins” give us.

  • Awesome & Handy Collection of Free Vectors

    Paperframe Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10
    Nothing much to say about this wrap-up.

    Features many indie-looking vector graphics, and all of them look splendid, to say the least.

  • Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: 70+ Creative Tips

    tutorials Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10

    This Mashup is more about inspiration and designing.

    Tutorials often help with inspiration, and help you make something you can use right away. These tutorials will surely enhance your creativity–for a while, at least.