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DocMeIn – Online Patient Appointment Manager, Especially if You’re a Doctor

DocMeIn is a revolutionary online appointment scheduling service for private practices of all types. With no software to install, no fees and no ads anywhere on the site, DocMeIn enables two-way communication between practices and patients with a singular focus on managing physicians’ time in the most efficient way possible.
w1 DocMeIn   Online Patient Appointment Manager, Especially if Youre a Doctor

DocMeIn, an innovative Software-as-a-Service provider located in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers flexible, next-generation healthcare IT solutions for all types of medical practices, including primary care, dental, chiropractic, eye care and many others. DocMeIn’s online scheduling system helps practices grow their revenue and reduce equipment and physician downtime by automatically reminding patients of their upcoming appointments.

With this completely free service, doctors can immediately become a non-invasive part of their patients’ lives, minimizing no-shows and ensuring timely check-ups.