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Webification Mashup 28-Dec-10

  • Bulding Large Scale jQuery Applications

    largescaleapps Webification Mashup 28 Dec 10Welcome to the last Mashup in 2010!

    And now, this article is a way to start the last Mashup.

    Addy Osmani has written a really great tutorial about the thought (and functional) processes behind large jQuery apps. Just bookmark it if you don’t need it now–it might come in handy someday.

  • 25 Free High-Quality Minimalist Icon Sets

    minimalist Webification Mashup 28 Dec 10
    Some might ask, “What’s the fuss about ‘minimalism’ and similar ‘designs’?”.

    Truth is, minimalism is the current trend on the web–everyone expects a nice, clean site from you.
    That includes icons.
    Search for them in the post above.

  • 30 Free Fantasy Fonts

    blackadder Webification Mashup 28 Dec 10Sometimes you need a cartoonsy touch  to a website, a game, or a design.

    Cartoony fonts can vastly help you in achieving the desired feel, by adding a touch of fantasy, in this case. :)

  • 15 Free Sites to Download Vector Graphics

    AI Webification Mashup 28 Dec 10
    The best things in this world are free, but you have to know where to find ‘free’.

    This is a nice wrap-up for finding the best vector graphics–for free.

  • 16 Javascript Game Engines

    Javascript game frameworks Webification Mashup 28 Dec 10
    Frankly, I couldn’t name more than two of these. And that should mean something.

    You’ll be surprised at how many options there are available for making games with GitHub’s most popular language.