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A slider with myriad functions – jQuery.AnythingSlider

AnythingSlider is a powerful content slider for your website.

CSSlider A slider with myriad functions   jQuery.AnythingSlider

AnythingSlider’s 1.4 version was released just two days ago. The new release has new features and an even more optimized code.

Unlike smaller image sliders like TinyFader, AnythingSlider aims to provide numerous different functions. It thus weighs more than a typical plugin – around 10kb.

The features are remarkable, though:

  • You can place any content in the panels
  • The slider allows for infinite sliding (rolls back to the first slide upon reaching the last slide)
  • You can style each and every slide
  • The slider allows linking each panel with hashtags (#panel1, etc)
  • Pauses the sliding on mouseover (optional)
  • Keyboard navigation

Basically, AnythingSlider does everything you’d expect from an image slider–plus a lot more.