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Convert Images to Base64 — Daturi

Daturi is a web application that converts images to the Base64 format.

daturi Convert Images to Base64    Daturi

By using Base64, developers can reduce page load times by reducing the number of requests.

Daturi is fully open-sourced and works simply by users providing images via drag’n’drop. Multiple images are supported.

Test if Websites Have Secure Headers — SecurityHeaders

SecurityHeaders is a web app for testing whether your website’s headers are secure.

securityheaders Test if Websites Have Secure Headers    SecurityHeadersSecurityHeaders tests the headers for cross-domain policy, protection against XSS attacks, x-frame protection, et cetera.

The tool is admittedly quite specific, but you’d be surprised about how much the few lines of code we put in the headers can compromise a website’s security.

A Lot of Free Goodies for Designers — ZeroBundle

ZeroBundle is a pack of free resources for designers.

It includes vector icons, Photoshop actions, business card templates and more.

zerobundle A Lot of Free Goodies for Designers    ZeroBundleZeroBundle features a bucketful of free stuff, and all you need to do to get it is to enter your email. The Zero Bundle will be available only for 33 more days, so hurry up.

Easy Project Management — BamBam!

Collaboration is mandatory for larger projects; unfortunately, the apps available for the task are often loaded with unnecessary features (or cost much).

BamBam! is an easy to use project management app that supports up to 10 people for free.

bambam Easy Project Management    BamBam!BamBam! features many useful tools, such as e-mail notifications, a customizable news feed, unlimited storage and projects, and so on.

The app not only sports a number of impressive options, but also is reasonably priced at 7$ for unlimited users.

Vector Visualizations of Spreadsheet Data — Raw

Raw is a web application for visualizing spreadsheet data through vector graphics.

rawapp Vector Visualizations of Spreadsheet Data    RawRaw uses D3.js for visualizing data. The open-source app has six different layouts as of now and you are encouraged to write your own.

It supports *.CSV and *.TSV files, but users can copy & paste data from their favorite spreadsheet app. Data is stored locally so don’t worry about compromising it.

Quickly Compare Document Versions — Mergely

Mergely is a web app for quickly comparing document versions with one another in the browser.mergely Quickly Compare Document Versions    Mergely

Versions are compared side by side for making it easier to see what’s changed. Mergely is useful for comparing code versions, but also has a potential use as a version comparison tool for written content.

It is written in pure JavaScript/HTML5 and is easily added to a CMS; thus Mergely can also be used as a ‘value adder’ for your web apps.