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Themes for Code Editors — devthemez

It’s very important to work in a comfortable environment, and one important consideration is that things look pretty. 

devthemez is a website that lists numerous themes for your favorite code editors.

devthemez Themes for Code Editors    devthemezIt features themes for Vim, Sublime Text 2, Chrome Developer Tools and others. Themes are easy to find as you can filter them according to platform, popularity or age.

Create Grid Patterns Easily — Modular Grid Pattern

Modular Grid Pattern is a web application for creating grid patterns for Phoshop, GIMP, Expression Design and other apps.

gridpattern Create Grid Patterns Easily    Modular Grid PatternThe app features a number of options for customizing the grid; furthermore, it offers downloading the resulting pattern in three sorts of files: .pat, .png and the transparency mask format.

This is a great tool for quickly creating an experimental grid to start designing things ASAP.

Create Responsive Designs With Drag’n’drop — Responsive Web CSS

Responsive Web CSS is a tool for creating a responsive design just by adding the necessary parts with drag’n’drop.

responsivecss Create Responsive Designs With Dragndrop    Responsive Web CSSOnce you’ve decided upon the structure and look of your website and run through the tool, Responsive Web CSS generates a site skeleton you can download.

Obviously, creating responsive designs isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but beginners will hugely benefit from tools such as this.

One-click Screenshot Wrapping In Devices — MockUPhone

MockUPhone is an application for ‘screenshot wrapping’ applications in devices.

frames One click Screenshot Wrapping In Devices    MockUPhoneMockUPhone presets are very easy to use — simply click a phone, upload a screenshot and voila! there you have it.

There are three looks for each phone, allowing potential users to see how your app looks on their phone.

Video Calls in Your Browser — VMUX

VMUX is an open-source web application for placing video calls inside your browser.

vmx Video Calls in Your Browser    VMUXVMUX works prettty slick as it uses WebRTC P2P technology. It also means that it won’t work in older browsers, if that doesn’t go without saying.

Users can simply sign in via Twitter and visit a friend’s profile to start talking. As the developers said, exploring the application is “a great way to learn about the current status of WebRTC.”

Choose A Licence Easily —

ChooseALicense is a web app that lists and describes licences you might consider for your open-source projects.

mitapachegpl Choose A Licence Easily    ChooseALicense.comAlthough the front page lists the three main licences (MIT, Apache, GPL), there are a number of others available.

The website is short, straight to the point and allows finding just the right licence easily.