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A Google-styled Theme For Bootstrap — TODC Bootstrap

TODC Bootstrap is a neat little Google-styled theme for Twitter’s Bootstrap.

bootstrap A Google styled Theme For Bootstrap    TODC BootstrapTODC is quite packed with features — 12-column responsive grid, IE7 support, and even a web-based Customizer — and its design looks pretty good, reminding you of Google Drive and other apps by this company.

The addons also are reminiscent of Google, such as search bars, navigation bars and alert notifications.



Fully Responsive HTML5, CSS And JS Toolkit — Groundwork

Groundwork is a fully responsive HTML5, CSS and JavaScript framework/toolkit.

groundwork Fully Responsive HTML5, CSS And JS Toolkit    GroundworkGroundwork is built using SASS and Compass. It’s flexible and responsive, works on all major browsers and devices.

Along with that, Groundwork also features a very compelling grid system with up to 12 columns per row.


Run Scripts On Remote Browsers With Node — Queen

Queen is a new framework for running JS scripts on remote browsers with Node.js.

queen Run Scripts On Remote Browsers With Node    QueenQueen.js can run distributed tasks on numerous browsers. It is used, for example, in Thrill.js, a browser testing tool by the same author.

Queen.js sports some rather impressive features:

  • “Detects and recovers unresponsive browsers.
  • Target browsers based on browser type/version, operating system, or capabilities (anything Modernizr can detect).”


Continuously Check A Page’s SEO — Inpage SEO Checker

Inpage SEO Checker is an interesting little library that checks a page against the usual SEO standards.

seocheck Continuously Check A Pages SEO    Inpage SEO CheckerThe library works by testing the page against the usual SEO “good practices” and printing any inconsistencies.

As you can see, the library tests against missing elements (such as title, H1, H2, H3, meta keywords/description) and so on.

All in all, this is a useful tool which I’d like to become a framework; some new features, for example, the chance to check the keyword density would be most welcome.


A Front-end Framework Upon SASS & Node — Maxmertkit

Maxkmertkit is a front-end framework with an awful lot of different features.

maxmkerkit A Front end Framework Upon SASS & Node    MaxmertkitMaxmertkit features a structure (class names) that’s more intuitive than that of BootStrap, and, well, it has more things that the former does.

The framework, besides the various widgets and components, even sports a drag’n’drop generator in the homepage.

However, if you opt to give this framework a try, you should pay attention to any future modifications that might be needed; the framework’s structure does seem to make modifying it a pretty difficult task.


Zoom in on Images With Style — jQuery.Snipe

Snipe is a plugin that zooms into an image with an effect similar to a sniper lens.

zoom Zoom in on Images With Style    jQuery.Snipe

It has a number of options, but they are all straightforward at the moment.

The plugin requires two images to be had. Besides that, Sparky still is remarkably easy to implement.