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Easy & Responsive Mockups — Wirefy

Wirefy is a JSS/CSS framework set on the 960 grid for creating website wireframes.

wirefy Easy & Responsive Mockups    WirefyAs wireframes are concerned not only with grids, Wirefy supports a number of useful GUI features like a slideshow, buttons, pagination, buttons, and all that jazz.

Wirefy doesn’t really come with a default style, as it’s meant for creating mockups, not functioning designs.

Micro Benchmarks For Java — Caliper

Caliper is Google’s own microbenchmarking framework for benchmarking small bits of Java code.

caliper Micro Benchmarks For Java    CaliperCaliper is meant for framework or library developers who have to choose between two or more solutions that they want to implement.

This way, a developer can be more sure which of the solutions, external libraries, etc., will influence performance less than the alternatives.

Twitter Bootstrap Website Tours — Bootstrap Tour

Bootstrap Tour is a plugin that uses Twitter’s Bootstrap to create interactive, page-agnostic website tours.

bootstraptour Twitter Bootstrap Website Tours    Bootstrap TourCountless similar plugins exist already, that’s for sure. We’ve covered some here and there.

However, this one uses Bootstrap so it’s a) easier to use; b) great for Bootstrap projects.

The tours aren’t limited to a single page (that’s what page-agnostic means here), and the plugin features useful options like callbacks and animations.

Simple, Effective and Sleek Keyboard Shortcuts With JS — Mousetrap

Mousetrap is a dependency-free JavaScript library for binding keyboard shortcuts.

mousetrap Simple, Effective and Sleek Keyboard Shortcuts With JS    Mousetrap

Mousetrap, weighing only 1.4kb compressed, makes shortcut binding impressively effective.

We aren’t that fond of snippets, but here’s some code that shows how succinct and simple the library is:

Mousetrap.bind('ctrl+s', function(e) {

Even if you don’t have the need for keyboard shortcuts now, do bookmark Mousetrap so it’s there when the need arises.

jQuery Polyfill For “placeholder” — jQuery.placeholder

Placeholder is a plugin for rendering HTML5’s placeholder text as an overlay if it isn’t supported.

placeholder jQuery Polyfill For placeholder    jQuery.placeholder

placeholder works by placing a “dissolving” span element on top of the input; this allows to keep form validation from breaking.

The plugin is useful to anyone looking for a backwards-compatible way of adding placeholders to their website.

Image Placerholders In Just A Few Lines — Holder.js

Holder.js is a library for generating image placeholders.

holder.js Image Placerholders In Just A Few Lines    Holder.js

Its use is very simple, requiring you to add only an img tag and specify the required dimensions of the placeholder.

The placeholders can be customized quite a lot — there are three default themes, and you can add new ones –, and the plugin can be set to run only in a specific location of the website.