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An Intuitive, Rendering-agnostic Text Editor – Sir Trevor

Sir Trevor is a content editing interface re-imagined for the web.

sirtrevor An Intuitive, Rendering agnostic Text Editor   Sir TrevorSir Trevor uses blocks for content and has such blocks for different types of content – images, quotes, text, videos, and so on.

It is purely client-side and thus allows you to implement your own rendering logic. It’s also fairly easy to customize. Give Sir Trevor a spin – it’s worth at least a bookmark.

BDD App Development in PHP — Behat

Behat is a framework for behavior-driven-development that focuses on writing human-readable web apps.

behat BDD App Development in PHP    BehatBehat allows defining scenarios to test your applications against. This allows to see if the application is logically coherent and functions the way you want it to. Behat is well documented and quite easy to learn.

Testing in the Browser — Testling

Testling is a tool for running local tests in browsers.

testling Testing in the Browser    TestlingTestling uses Browserify for plugging its Node magic in the browser. It can run browsers headlessly, allowing for a much more streamlined testing process.

All in all, Testling offers a very convenient way of doing tests in numerous browsers, as it supports most of them, except Opera and IE.

Easy Text Rotating — Simple Text Rotator

Super Simple Text Rotator is a jQuery plugin for rotating text.

While it’s not a particularly popular UI effect, it has its used in countdown designs, landing pages and feature listings.

textrotator Easy Text Rotating    Simple Text RotatorSuper Simple Text Rotator is a very small plugin, but has a number of animations included. It’s easy to implement, allowing you to place the text to be rotated in a span element, separating rotated words with a comma or separator of your choice.

Light & Style-agnostic CSS Framework — Layers CSS

Layers CSS is an unobtrusive, light and style-agnostic CSS framework.

layerscss Light & Style agnostic CSS Framework    Layers CSSLayers CSS comes packed with a fluid grid, normalization & sensible defaults and doesn’t make assumptions about the way you want to do things. The framework is well-documented and, frankly, the documentation itself serves as an example of thoughtful design.

The developers acknowledge having some problems with Bootstrap, saying that ‘[the framework allows to] Build your look on the web, not Twitter’s’.

YouTube-like Progress Bars for AngularJS — ngProgressLite

ngProgressLite is a library for creating progress bars akin to those of YouTube in AngularJS apps.

nprogresslite YouTube like Progress Bars for AngularJS    ngProgressLite

nProgressLite is very similar to NProgress, a jQuery library we covered before.

The library is quite easy to implement, and features some events for controlling the progress bar, along with options for setting the minimum progress; the animation speed; and even the type of animation easing used.