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Clone Tables Easily — Dolly.js

Dolly.js is a library for cloning table fields with the UI.

dollyjs Clone Tables Easily    Dolly.jsDolly.js can be used for any kind of table-like structure, so its use isn’t limited to semantic HTML tables.

The library only handles the UI side of things, so any database logic is to be implemented on your part (events to aid this are provided by Dolly.js).

A Themeable Blogging Platform — Ghost

Ghost is an open-source blogging platform, developed with NodeJS and Express, that has an emphasis on easy installation and theme development.

ghost A Themeable Blogging Platform    Ghost

Ghost acquired funding through Kickstarter; many beta testers have ensured that Ghost already feels quite fine around the edges. Its source code was released yesterday.

Ghost is very easy to install, and experienced Express developers will find that they can read the code quite fluently.

P.S. You can also give Ghost a spin at the homepage.

Beautiful Transition Numbers — Odometer

Odometer is a JS/CSS library for displaying number transitions easily. 

odometer Beautiful Transition Numbers    OdometerOdometer uses CSS transforms and has a fallback for older browsers. The library is minuscule, weighing a mere 3kb together with the largest theme.

The library requires Grunt and can be installed with Node.js. Definitely a great library for achieving refreshing visual effects with ease.

Test-first Development With PHP — phpspec

phpspec is a PHP development tool that implements a procedure of ‘testing first’ in application development.

phpspec Test first Development With PHP    phpspecphpspec uses the SpecBDD principle that allows writing code in small, tested, iterative steps.

This tool can provide developers with a more systematic approach to writing web apps with PHP.

Allow Search Engines Crawl Your Appss — Prerender

Prerender is a Node library that pre-renders your applications for search engines.

prerender Allow Search Engines Crawl Your Appss    PrerenderPrerender uses PhantomJS to deliver HTML websites from the JS-enabled version of your website.

The service is deployed on Heroku, so your server won’t have much workload added. Prerender is available for NodeJS and Ruby.

Cleaner, Hack-free CSS — Solved by Flexbox

Solved by Flexbox is a website that showcases the CSS problems to be solved by Flexbox.

solved Cleaner, Hack free CSS    Solved by FlexboxSolved by Flexbox focuses on showcasing the most common problems developers encounter in CSS and how they are solved with Flexbox.

Flexbox is an upcoming CSS3 feature that will be fully supported in Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 6.1.