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Webification Mashup 30-Nov-10

  • 31 Useful Javascript tools for developers
    rockstarapps Webification Mashup 30 Nov 10From JS compressors to word counters, JavaScript has proved useful for any coder, designer, and even copywriter.

    However, sometimes we’re oblivious as to the true potential of this language which has become all but irreplaceable in web projects. This list proves that you can create a lot more than UI and image galleries with the help of JS.

  • 10 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers
    Stayfocusdd Webification Mashup 30 Nov 10
    As a freelancer, I can use most of these extensions. I especially like the ‘Stayfocusd’ widget which blocks certain websites that consume too much time (hinthint:Facebook).We don’t focus on browser extensions here too much, but this post is really noteworthy.

  • 18 Customizable Scroll Panels Using Javascript
    scrolldiv Webification Mashup 30 Nov 10Sometimes the purpose of pages like these is to wrap-up the available plugins that share the same functions.

    And this list does it pretty well.

  • 20 Really Awesome Javascript Driven Single Page Websites

    shitt Webification Mashup 30 Nov 10
    You can’t say that Javascript is underused, but rarely developers truly realize how much you can really do with Javascript.

    (Functionally speaking, though, we all know that eye-candy can be very well built with JS.)

  • 17 Useful Libraries and Components for Javascript developers
    UKI Webification Mashup 30 Nov 10
    Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t even know about the existence of many different JS frameworks, and there’s no doubt that many of those libraries have some very cool features.

    This article doesn’t focus on JS frameworks merely, but what was said above illustrates the meaning of such — seemingly useless for some, I think — lists.

Webification Mashup 21-Nov-10

  • 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

    Clipboard02 Webification Mashup 21 Nov 10
    Everyone needs an introduction to the web sometimes. However, be fooled not–this is no mere introduction.

    The author describes the 20 perhaps most vital things each user of the web should know. I think everyone will find something new in this pleasantly designed free book.

  • 28 Handy CSS Cheat Sheets for Designers

    cheatsheet Webification Mashup 21 Nov 10
    Cheat sheets are really handy when you’re starting out, as many a time you will forget a hack or two, and even experienced developers seldom know the nuances of their language by heart.

    These 28 cheat sheets will ease the life of every single CSS designer.

  • Useful jQuery Plugins for Every Project

    scroll Webification Mashup 21 Nov 10
    This (both this and the one linked above) wrap-up that simply throws random stuff at you–albeit quite effectively.

    Although we here cover jQuery (a bit too) often, there are some newer plugins we miss and older plugins we don’t cover. Some superb plug-ins are covered there.

  • 40 Strange But Carefully Made Photomanipulations

    musclebear Webification Mashup 21 Nov 10
    Well, I’ll admit to admitting a filler into this Mashup. 

    Although making surreal stuff with Photoshop is kind of ’99, some are very impressive. I also love bears.

Webification Mashup 16-Nov-10

  • 14 Cool Free Fonts
    font Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10Fonts are sometimes what turn a so-so headline into something that instantly catches the eye.
    It’s not always about the content, you know.

    And that is certainly the case with these fourteen beauties, which will surely supplement your font collection.

  • jPong – 3d pin-pong created with jQuery
    jPong Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10Well one day you’ll wake up and realize that you can make your breakfast with jQuery.

    Although this 3d ping-pong is admittedly in “fake” 3d, the game certainly shows how far you can go with jQuery.

  • Top 20 CSS Frameworks
    yuigrid Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10The one thing you get from wrap-ups is that you have a place to come back to, and can simply choose from the best when you need something of the sort.

    A nice wrap-up altogether, but they could elaborate a little more on each framework.

  • 50 Nice Animations Made With CSS3
    isocube Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10
    Yeah, JavaScript can create a “3d” ping-pong, but CSS3 is the designer’s an answer to that.

    The 50 examples show really creative usage of CSS3’s newest features, and my, are they impressive.

  • 10 most useful Javascript snippets from snipplr
    chexbox Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10
    These 10 useful snippets will help you in any given situation.

    Although the post lacks creativity, it’s still eye-opening that many basic (and more advanced) functions can be done without jQuery or any other JavaScript library.

Webification Mashup 04-Nov-10

  • Best Logo Inspiration in October 2010 – 30 Logos

    gecko Webification Mashup 04 Nov 10
    This post at provides 30 inspirational logos which will get you inspired.

    The post has some truly inspirational logos–they’ll help you out of a creative slump, especially if you’re a designer.

  • 10 Rocking HTML5 Websites Spiced With jQuery to Grab Your Attention

    jQuerysites Webification Mashup 04 Nov 10You can do a lot with jQuery, yet perhaps the best results come when you combine jQuery’s myriad possibilities with design.
    These 10 websites are truly inspirational, and showcase what it looks like when you push jQuery’s boundaries a little.
  • – Resources for Real Web Developers & Designers

    ontwik Webification Mashup 04 Nov 10Ontwik is a really great site. You should visit it if you’re a tech-savvy individual looking to widen your perspective on programming.

    The site features countless conferences with really cool materials.

    Think of ontwik as of a dzone for conferences & video materials related to programming.

  • 100 Great Free Fonts for Designers

    font1 Webification Mashup 04 Nov 10font2 Webification Mashup 04 Nov 10sketchy Webification Mashup 04 Nov 10Yeah, we haven’t been doing fonts lately, so we at least have some in the Mashup.

    And not only “some”. Most of these fonts are pure gold if used appropriately.

  • 25+ Tutorials & Resources on jQuery

    newtojQuery Webification Mashup 04 Nov 10Well, not always you come to a new language or a framework, learn it in a week and master it within 6 months.

    Sometimes you have to learn from scratch; sometimes you have to throw away old thinking patterns and adapt to new, frightening architectural models.  That’s why wrap-ups like this come in handy. ;) Really useful stuff.

Webification Mashup – 30-Oct-10

(To those who are oblivious about our cool Mashups – Webification Mashups are a weekly collection of useful & cool web resources that couldn’t make it into our daily posts. Now, without further ado–I won’t even bother to close the parentheses–, let’s take a look at what this Mashup brings us.)

  • 20+ Concept Illustrations by Tae Young Choi

    conceptart Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10
    Sometimes a thought comes to us, because we see something that provides us with impressions. In fact, it’s near impossible to create something truly unique today.

    That’s why we can become inspired simply by looking at art pieces–in this case, some really cool Sci-Fi art by Tae Young Choi.

  • Is jQuery Really Capable of Replacing Flash?

    Flash Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10
    Yes, it isn’t. Although Flash vs jQuery has become an ongoing debate, Flash isn’t going to be replaced in the near future.

    This article, although a bit jQuery-biased, explores the battle between the two in-depth.

  • 30 jQuery WordPress Tutorials and Plugins

    jquerycomments Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10
    It’s all about jQuery too often, not about what it can do together with other wares–WordPress, in this instance. This list is creative as it offers something beyond what the – “[x] cool jQuery plugins” give us.

  • Awesome & Handy Collection of Free Vectors

    Paperframe Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10
    Nothing much to say about this wrap-up.

    Features many indie-looking vector graphics, and all of them look splendid, to say the least.

  • Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: 70+ Creative Tips

    tutorials Webification Mashup   30 Oct 10

    This Mashup is more about inspiration and designing.

    Tutorials often help with inspiration, and help you make something you can use right away. These tutorials will surely enhance your creativity–for a while, at least.

Webification Mashup 22-Oct-10