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Webification Mashup 12-Oct-10

  • 30 Best Free Web Icons for All Kinds of Projects
    socialbuzzicons Webification Mashup 12 Oct 10This huge capsule of web icons will fulfill most of your icon needs.

    The post includes social media icons, browser icons, user icons, and even icons for mobile – gesture icons; basically, everything you’ll ever need, plus some more.

  • 10 Fresh jQuery Plugins to Enhance User Interface
    quotes Webification Mashup 12 Oct 10The idea of this list is utterly remarkable. Too often the purpose of a plugin is to merely enhance the functionality of the website.

    That’s why wrapping up a list like this is not only cool, it’s meaningful.

    The site could do something with the advertisement sea, though.

  • 10 Free CSS and HTML Admin and Backend Templates
    springtime speckyboy Webification Mashup 12 Oct 10Speckyboy Design Magazine always have interesting posts, but this time, they’ve hit the nail on the head.

    This is a concise and specific post that will serve well for many developers in need.

  • Instant Search in 60 Lines
    Instant search in 60 lines Webification Mashup 12 Oct 10
    The post actually links to this page, where Boris Smus has created a rough copy of Google’s newest feature: Google Instant.

    Basically, Instant hands out results as you type your search query. Awesome.
    But what’s really awesome is that he did it in 60 lines!

  • 15 Excellent HTML5 Techniques and Demonstrations
    HTMLetris Webification Mashup 12 Oct is a pretty neat resource overall, and this article shows how HTML5 technology can be used to create all sorts of fun and useful stuff.

    OK, maybe linking to your own website isn’t funny, but this isn’t a pun: if you haven’t checked out this awesome post, do it. Now. :)

Webification Mashup 05-Oct-10

  • WPSHOWER – Free WordPress themes
    ImbalanceTheme Webification Mashup 05 Oct is a kick-ass site that gives away free WP themes.

    Most themes focus on a minimalist design.

    Each theme the site provides is cleverly built, unique, and beautiful.

  • Learn JavaScript Straight from the Gurus. JavaScript Webification Mashup 05 Oct 10This great list links numerous useful videos that cover the often overlooked “code thinking” part of programming.
  • A Good CMS Gives You Total Markup Freedom

    “A CMS should never, ever output HTML that is beyond the control of the developer.”Although the above sentence pretty much sums up the article, this post in 456bereastreet gives a lot to think about: for developers – how to structure your CMS; for users – which CMS to choose.

  • 27 Websites leveraging jQuery MasonryClipboard02 Webification Mashup 05 Oct 10A nice list, which houses sites that have pushed jQuery to the max, particularly by using the Masonry plugin.

    And, on a lesser level, the list shows how code and design can neatly intertwine to create stunning designs. :)

  • Top 10 Essential WordPress Pluginstotalcache Webification Mashup 05 Oct 10WordPress plugins come in such a huge number that we often forget about the essential ones.

    Although you’d never forget about Akismet, you will find something useful in this list.

Webification Mashup 22-Sep-2010

  1. jQuery Racing
    jQracing Webification Mashup 22 Sep 2010Yes, we know that this is quite outdated.

    But an impressive 2-d racing game made with jQuery is the perfect way to start this Mashup.
    You can even choose a different car!

  2. 25 Free Slideshow and Photo Gallery WordPress Plugins
    fancybox Webification Mashup 22 Sep 2010

    jQuery’s easy-to-use plugins sometimes allure us into using them where it isn’t necessary–and that is often in the field of image galleries.

    In this post, you’ll find some great, classy image galleries for easily the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress.

  3. 26 CMS Solutions That Help You Do Things Other Than Blog
    QAOS Webification Mashup 22 Sep 2010
    “What’s up with the long headline?”, you might ask.
    Well, it’s long, but it explains things, and the author has some valid points.

    A non-WordPress/Drupal site doesn’t mean that it has to be customized and/or “huge” — it’s often the exact opposite. A great writeup altogether.

  4. 30 Latest jQuery Plugins – Write More & Do Less
    jQueryplugins Webification Mashup 22 Sep 2010Basically, if you’ve missed out on our jQuery posts, feel free to breeze through this list of plugins.

    A pretty convenient list of new and older jQuery plugins; although we’ve covered a lot of them, their demo/download system is pretty remarkable.

    Props to themeflash :)

Webification Mashup 30-Aug-10

  1. The Wilderness Downtown arcadefire Webification Mashup 30 Aug 10This is the first time Webification has linked to a viral web.  But we’re doing this for a very good reason. Words cannot express how awesome this web is.This web is a chrome experiment is a “customized video clip” for Arcade Fire (an indie band), and uses Google Maps, StreetView and HTML5′s newest functions to create a freaky, yet very enjoyable experience in your downtown.

  2. 715 Awesomely Simple and Free CSS Layouts Littleboxescss Webification Mashup 30 Aug 10Although we do oppose taglines with more than one and a half adjectives, this list of CSS layouts is remarkable and will make you want to end your designer’s career–these layouts make you think that there’s nothing new to invent.

  3. 40 New JavaScript Tutorials with Helping Techniques JavaScriptss Webification Mashup 30 Aug 10 Too little code, too much design in this Mashup. That just had to be changed. These 40 tutorials will help any JavaScript beginner (and even an advanced developer) to try and make their websites sexier and more contemporary.

  4. 30 Effective Logo Examples Featuring Animals
    Tullamore estate Webification Mashup 30 Aug 10
    ATTENTION! Don’t visit this list if you don’t like animals.
    Jokes aside. This is a pretty creative post, which gives a good idea on how animals are implemented in company logos to great effect.

  5. 20 Free Fonts Every Web Designer Should Have
  6. NEWYORKER Webification Mashup 30 Aug 10These twenty fonts are awesome. At least I’m going to steal a few.

    A must have for every web designer – just as the title says.

Webification Mashup 17-Aug-10

  1. Top 8 Most Usable CMS Platforms
    CMSs Webification Mashup 17 Aug 10
    Too often developers focus on inventing something new, when they shouldn’t.

    The “code your blog if you’re a developer” trend died some five years ago
    –roughly when WordPress started becoming popular.

    This list, however, isn’t based on popularity (just seems like it) and, below the top three, houses some CMS’s that do deserve more recognition.

  2. Tricks From Our Flash Friends: 3D in a 2D context

    3D with HTML Webification Mashup 17 Aug 10This brilliant post describes how an
    HTML/CSS/JS developer can learn to create “3D” images with the tools at their disposal, by… reading Flash tutorials on achieving 3D within just two dimensions.

    The thought of cross-tutorialising is quite creative, and definitely deserves a place in the mashup. :)

  3. 60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online

    Laura Roeder. “Just start talking to people! Don’t worry about what to tweet, just start responding.”

    You can never focus on the content enough.
    That’s what the folks at Copyblogger know about best; however, this post is not about copy, but instead gives ideas by content professionals on how to use and increase your web presence through it.

    A must read for anyone, and a great site as well (as you already know).

  4. Top 10 PHP Frameworks You Should Know About

    CAKEPHP Webification Mashup 17 Aug 10
    PHP is still growing strong, and it has some really powerful frameworks. If you are a PHP developer and didn’t know about these frameworks, you should at least become familiar with each.

    Includes obvious ones like CodeIgniter and Zend as well as few lesser known ones. A great writeup which also explains the peculiarities of each framework.

  5. 25 Incredibly Useful CSS SnippetsPullquotes Webification Mashup 17 Aug 10These 25 snippets really aren’t ones you can come up with on your own.

    Includes common and not that common hacks for CSS–and they all make your life easier.

    Many of these snippets are simply browser hacks, but browser problems, sadly, are still a thing every designer is used to.

  6. Confessions of a Web Developer part IX

    Well, not like these are confessions about doing something bad.

    David Walsh of SitePen does make valid points and rambles about FireFox’s declining use among web developers; the huge amount of information developers need to keep track of; the failed 10k contest, and much more.

    The whole Confession series are a truly worthwhile read.

Webification Mashup 30-Jul-10

  1. AndEngine – The free 2D OpenGL engine for Androidcscheatsandroid Webification Mashup 30 Jul 10
    We all have had a passion for developing video games, and the luckiest of us still have it.This library took me back to 2004 when I miserably tried to replicate Worms on Delphi. Luckily, this mobile engine seems somewhat simpler than DelphiX–see the dev blog for kick-ass examplesof AndEngine in use!

  2. 10 Top WordPress Security Pluginswordpresssecurity Webification Mashup 30 Jul 10
    There shouldn’t be any questions as to why this list made it into this Mashup. An essential resource for anyone willing to protect themselves against spam… and much more.

  3. 5 Amazing Examples of Animation Using CSS3funwithpics Webification Mashup 30 Jul 10
    The title says it all; from rocket ships to a “The Matrix” animation, this wrap-up can make us believe that making games with Flash could become outdated in a few years.

  4. 45 jQuery Based WordPress Plugins And Tutorials
    wordpresspluginsmashup Webification Mashup 30 Jul 10
    Almost everyone likes jQuery.There is, however, even more than meets the coding hand in jQuery–the library can be used together with CMS’s like WordPress with great results.

  5. Improve your jQuery – 25 excellent tipsjQuerysss Webification Mashup 30 Jul 10
    We get it, this Mashup is jQuery biased. See #4 for the explanation.

    But honestly, these tips will help any jQuery developer make the most out of jQuery  - perhaps the finest JavaScript library around.

  6. 50 Tileable and Seamless Pattern Setspatterns Webification Mashup 30 Jul 10
    This list of patterns is amazing – every web designer will find something in handy here. They are all free, of course, and come in web formats (.psd, .jpg, .png).