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CSS/CSS3 Category

A Responsive, jQuery-powered CSS3 Gallery — S Gallery

S Gallery is a jQuery-powered gallery inspired by the Sony Products gallery.

sgallery A Responsive, jQuery powered CSS3 Gallery    S GalleryS Gallery has slow and fast image browsing modes and can switch between a grid view and an individual view.

It also has fullscreen support as well as a neat little trick for letting users know at which picture they stopped browsing earlier.

CSS3 Animated Highlighter — ALighter

ALighter is a CSS3 animated highlighter which uses jQuery.

highlighter CSS3 Animated Highlighter    ALighterIt can be used to highlight text and possibly other elements. This is a flexible plugin, allowing developers to customize the animations, the effects and the timing of the plugin.

ALighter is useful for highlighting important text, such as feature descriptions in a landing page and similar things.


Easily Created Custom Checkboxes — CSS Checkbox

CSS Checkbox is a web app that provides customized styles of checkboxes, without using any JavaScript.

checkboxes Easily Created Custom Checkboxes    CSS CheckboxCSS Checkbox provides fresh styles, including styles derived from websites or applications. The Google style is quite interesting, and some others, such as Mac and Reddit-style are very pretty and look just like the original.

This web app can either generate Checkbox kits or give you the source code for the chosen style.

Awesome CSS Page Transitions — ElementTransitions.js

ElementTransitions.js is a wrapped & updates version of a Codrops collection of page transitions.

elementtransitions Awesome CSS Page Transitions    ElementTransitions.jsElementTransitions.js differs from the Codrops version with that it allows more than one instance per page, plus transitions can be added directly with HTML tags.

This plugin makes using these transitions in production much easier. It requires jQuery.

Create Your Own “Tiny Bootstraps” — Style Guide Boilerplate

Style Guide Boilerplate is a template for user interface components.

It’s meant to ease reusing and sharing UI components by allowing to share ‘style guides’ within a team of developers.

styleguideboilerplate Create Your Own Tiny Bootstraps    Style Guide BoilerplateThis template promotes modular thinking and ensures consistency all over the project(s).

You can use it to show possible design options to the client, re-use components with ease and to create and share style guides with developers working on the same project.

Buttons With Loading Animation — loda button

loda button is a jQuery plugin that animates buttons as data is being fetched from the server.

lodabuttons Buttons With Loading Animation    loda buttonloda buttons have to be called and stopped manually – it is quite simple to hook these actions to a loading event.

The plugin uses CSS3 animations, transitions and transforms which are supported fully only by the most recent browsers.