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Shopping Cart For Mobile — MobileCartly

MobileCartly is an open-source mobile shopping cart with a WYSIWYG interface.

mobilecartly Shopping Cart For Mobile    MobileCartlyAvailable both standalone and as a WordPress plugin, MobileCartly boasts features like product management, design customization, and real-time statistics, effectively turning your e-commerce website compatible with mobile devices.

Easy to add to existing websites and even easier to add to WordPress, MobileCartly is among the best e-commerce solutions for mobile phones and tablets.

Triple Panel 3D Image Slider

Mary Lou from Codrops has published a neat tutorial on how to create an image slider with a 3D look and swipe-like transitions.

quintessential Triple Panel 3D Image Slider

The plugin uses jQuery for the JavaScript and CSS3 for 3D transforms.

Featuring an autoplay, titles, navigation and even a responsive layout the plugin really shines, and even if you don’t use it, it’s useful to nibble at the code at least.

A Personal Site Package — Syte

Syte is a package which streams public profiles to create a powerful and packaged social site.

syte A Personal Site Package    SyteSyte uses Django for handling requests and integrating APIs; frontend is HTML5 and LESS and features are in JavaScript.

Blog posts are fetched from Tumblr, and other social profiles are integrated with their respective APIs.

While Syte works marvelously for personal websites, it is of course mostly fit for personal or representative websites, as the SEO penalties are beyond imagination (the content on your Syte isn’t original — it’s aggregated).

Crossbrowser, HTML5 Audio — Speakker

Speakker is a cross-browser audio solution featuring HTML5. It’s regularly updated and very easy to set up.

speakker Crossbrowser, like HTML5 Audio    Speakker

With a Flash fallback, flexible style and different button sets, Speakker fits right into most web pages out of the box.

Speakker also features an optional ‘artist info’ page, great for playlists and the likes. Social features (Twitter, Facebook) are included, too.

Easy Gesture-driven Apps With HTML, JS and Kinect — Kinesis

Kinesis is a JavaScript SDK for building gesture-driven applications with Kinect.

kinesis Easy Gesture driven Apps With HTML, JS and Kinect    Kinesis

The SDK is attractive to existing JS developers, as it leverages technologies already known to the vast majority of web developers.

Kinesis is available via invitations — I wonder why, as it looks quite powerful from the demos, — and could potentially serve as a great addition to any Xbox 360-related website.

Twitter Bootstrap Website Tours — Bootstrap Tour

Bootstrap Tour is a plugin that uses Twitter’s Bootstrap to create interactive, page-agnostic website tours.

bootstraptour Twitter Bootstrap Website Tours    Bootstrap TourCountless similar plugins exist already, that’s for sure. We’ve covered some here and there.

However, this one uses Bootstrap so it’s a) easier to use; b) great for Bootstrap projects.

The tours aren’t limited to a single page (that’s what page-agnostic means here), and the plugin features useful options like callbacks and animations.