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Six Form Templates For Pain-free Form Implementation — Formify

Formify is a set of six open-source PHP/AJAX forms for various uses.

Open Source jQuery PHP Ajax Contact Form Templates With CaptchaFormify Six Form Templates For Pain free Form Implementation    FormifyFormify uses PHPMailer for sending mail. While forms are typically nothing painful to send, it gets increasingly tougher when you want to implement additional features, such as email attachments, CCs and callbacks.

Currently available forms are:

  • Contact Us
  • Ask a Question
  • Report an Issue
  • Job Application
  • Feedback Collection
  • Hire Me

Remote-control Your MySQL Databases — DbNinja

DbNinja is a web-hosted tool for remotely administrating MySQL databases.

dbninja Remote control Your MySQL Databases    DbNinjaBoasting numerous management features as well as an easy-to-use UI, DbNinja defines itself as a tool of great value for anyone who needs to administrate remote MySQL servers.

DbNinja works with PHP, but that’s alright as it works in spite of that. There’s also client-side connection encryption.

PHP Error Reporting Improved — PHP Error

PHP Error is a PHP library that makes better error reporting messages.

phperror PHP Error Reporting Improved    PHP ErrorThe library offers full syntax highlighting as well as code snippets and ajax editing.

The API is straightforward and well-documented, but the library itself has a number of options — like WordPress debugging — that make it a choice far better than the usual PHP debugger.

A Web IDE Framework In The Cloud — Codiad

Codiad is a cloud-based web IDE framework which runs on PHP.

codiad A Web IDE Framework In The Cloud    CodiadCodiad has a small footprint on the server and doesn’t require a database.

Featuring a thought-out navigation and features you’d expect from a regular, desktop-based IDE, Codiad does an awesome job of keeping your code secure and accessible from anywhere.

Full-featured And Free E-commerce — Forward

F0rward is an open-source e-commerce platform still in the private beta.

forward Full featured And Free E commerce    ForwardAlthough still in the beta, Forward seems very promising for developers who are used to wasting time making countless additions to the existing e-commerce systems.

Forward emphasizes flexibility and customization — including customization in the admin panel — and all in all looks like a very promising project; the open beta will start in January 2013, so be prepared.

Follow PHP Best Practices — PHP: The Right Way

PHP: The Right Way is a web reference for best PHP coding practices.

phptheway Follow PHP Best Practices    PHP: The Right WayThe website lists popular apps for running servers on your local machine, and features tons upon tons of useful information about PHP, its best practices and newest functions.

If you’re an ex PHP developer and want to refresh your knowledge, or are aspiring to become a PHP developer, this is definitely a good place to start.