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Responsive Layouts For Email — Antwort

Antwort is a set of responsive email templates used for writing emails that fit and adapt to client widths.

antwort Responsive Layouts For Email    Antwort


Antwort layouts are thoroughly tested as they’ve been used in production, and their main edge over similar layouts is that it works across all devices and clients.

This template set is very convenient for any campaign; it provides a layout in which layouts adapt to the device. Just like in the picture, desktops can get three, and mobile browsers get one column, etc.

Hide Stuff With a Blur — Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert is a JS library for blurring out text and images as potential spoilers.

spoiler Hide Stuff With a Blur    Spoiler AlertSpoiler Alert is easy to use, and you can simply call it upon an element and set two options — maximum and partial blur — to adjust the default (upon loading) blur and mouseover blur.

It’s a simple plugin which would work well in movie/book review websites and in many other places.


Live Word Counting With JS — Countable.js

Countable.js is a live paragraph, word and character count tool.

countablejs Live Word Counting With JS    Countable.jsCountable can be added to almost any HTML element, and is of a very small size.

It’s useful for any field which you want to limit — comment, e-mail, or a name and surname field. It’d also work great for CMSes, as word count is the main currency in the copywriting world.


Fancy Typing and Deleting in Input Fields — Fancy Input

Fancy Input is a jQuery plugin that makes typing and deleting in input/textareas very exciting.

fancyinput Fancy Typing and Deleting in Input Fields    Fancy InputFancy Input can be called on elements and their parents, which is always useful. It ships with 5 default typing effects and works on textareas as well as inputs. CSS3 is used for the effects.

Fancy Input does very well to make typing a more interesting and enjoyable experience.


Pull to Refresh a Website — Hook.js

Hook.js is a JavaScript library that refreshes a given website when it’s scrolled down.

pulltorefresh Pull to Refresh a Website    Hook.jsHook.js works like the “pull to refresh” feature on mobile devices; it aims to bring the same functionality to websites.

My guess is that this could be used for websites/newsfeeds that are updated regularly.


A Quick Start Template for Better Websites — Sassaparilla

Sassaparilla is a “set of default rules and style” that starts a website in a consistent manner.

sassapp A Quick Start Template for Better Websites    SassaparillaSassaparilla is very useful for devs as it provides consistent vertical rhythm, and also allows working in pixels consistently.

This template, if one can call Sassaparilla a template, follows a minimalist design; it works with SASS and thus features variables as well.