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Framework Category

A Lightning-fast Native JavaScript Framework — shurikenJS

shurikenJS is a JS framework that uses the newest ECMAScript instructions to ensure that the code is executed faster.

shurikenjs A Lightning fast Native JavaScript Framework    shurikenJS

ShurikenJS has an API that’s based around native DOM objects, i.e., there is no need for wrapper variables like with jQuery. In all, this framework aspires to provide a new shade to developing the client-side of the browsers.

It’s not backwards-compatible, to be sure, but it does look pretty creative.

A Simple, Efficient and Modular JS Framework — Coltjs

Coltjs is a modular JavaScript framework. It allows easy deployment of JavaScript apps via an asynchronous module definition.

coltjs1 A Simple, Efficient and Modular JS Framework    Coltjs


ColtJS is a solid and reliable foundation framework, designed to be flexible and with a minimal footprint.

It comes with the following methods:

  • Routing & navigation;
  • Templates;
  • Event binding;
  • Utilities and dependencies;
  • etc.

ColtJS supports modern browsers down to IE8. 

Powerful Framework for Content and Product Management — pimcore

Pimcore is a Zend-powered PHP content management system/framework.

pimcore Powerful Framework for Content and Product Management    pimcorePimcore sports enterprise-scale features, such as advanced data management, A-B testing and tools for app development.

It’s especially useful for e-commerce solutions as it features product information management. All in all, Pimcore looks like a splendid alternative to pre-made platforms, because of the customization and rich array of features it has.


Real-time MVC Framework for Node — Sails.js

Sails.js is a MVC framework for building enterprise-grade Node.js applications.

sailjs Real time MVC Framework for Node    Sails.js


Sails.js resembles the commonly found MVC architecture (like that of Ruby on Rails), but sports features that pertain to the more modern, data-oriented style of web app development. 

The developers insist that it’s especially good for building real-time stuff, such as chat clients.

Easy Dependency Installing — Boxen

Boxen is a framework for managing dependencies. It sports numerous features and even more libraries.

boxen Easy Dependency Installing    Boxen

Boxen can be used for cloning projects, applying security policies across the dev environment, and even installing Minecraft. It has close to a billion libraries that can do almost everything.

Boxen is customized via Puppet, but, even if you don’t know what that is, the developers have prepared numerous tutorials for it.

Build Smarter Software — PredictionIO

PredictionIO is an open source content prediction tool used for content suggestions.

prediction Build Smarter Software    PredictionIOPredictionIO is laced with delicious features:

  • Machine-learning algorithms for tweaking the content suggestions;
  • Fast and painless implementation;
  • Scalable — can handle large amounts of data.

It’s built on top of frameworks such as Hadoop and Cascading, and has SDKs for Java, Python and Ruby.