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Interactive Maps With Open Buildings Data — Majuro.js

Majuro.js is a library for creating interactive maps with Open Buildings data.

majuro Interactive Maps With Open Buildings Data    Majuro.jsMajuro.js offers an easy to use GUI for marking buildings in the cities, adding markers and pictures. Once the markup is completed, you can download the custom map from the website.

This is useful for projects such as neighborhood development projects and the likes.

Easy Interactive Maps — amMap

amMap is a tool for creating interactive maps to your JavaScript pages.

ammap Easy Interactive Maps    amMapThe key quality of this map is flexibility, allowing you to create multi-level structures within maps, remove any unnecessary features and load anything on top of your map.

It’s supported on most modern browsers — including mobile ones — and the only restriction is a copyright link on the map, that is, if you don’t purchase the commercial licence.

Nokia Maps Made Easy — jHERE

jHERE is an easy to use jQuery API for working with Nokia maps.

jHere Nokia Maps Made Easy    jHEREjHERE provides the layman’s map functionality in just about 4 kilobytes.

This includes:

  • Interactive maps;
  • Markers;
  • Info bubbles;
  • Data visualizations via heatmaps;
  • etc.

jHERE, amazingly, manages to provide a powerful and simple API while not bloating it with features.

Less Code And More… Maps — gmaps.js

gmaps.js is a wrapper library around the Google Maps API.

gmaps Less Code And More... Maps    gmaps.js

It simplifies making Google-Maps powered, customized maps.

gmaps.js can be used to apply polyfills, routes, overlays, etc. to Google Maps, and is a useful library for website development from small company websites to transport and delivery companies where maps play an important role in customer interaction.

See the examples page for a better idea of what to look for in this library.

SVG Maps For Modern Browsers — JQVMap

JQVMap is a plugin for generating SVG maps with jQuery.

jqvmap SVG Maps For Modern Browsers    JQVMap

JQVMap provides support for older browsers via VML, and has a huge set of options relating to the visual qualities of the map, e.g., adding tooltips, and more.

The plugin supports JSON data for seamless visualization (and that’s what maps are all about nowadays).

Cluster Pins on Bing Maps — PinClusterer

PinClusterer is a JavaScript layer for adding pins to Bing maps.

pinclusterer Cluster Pins on Bing Maps    PinClusterer

There are numerous reasons for preferring Bing maps to Google Maps; namely, because some roads are only up-to-date in Bing, some users prefer the design and features of Bing, and some consider them more accurate. My point being — there are reasons to prefer Bing.

With that cleared up, let’s take a look at Pinclusterer.

Data about the pins is served in an array of data, and the location is simply latitude and longitude.

The library works great with clustered pins — hence the name — by introducing a limit of how close together the pins can appear on the map.