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A Useful Multi-level Push Menu

Codrops have published a neat tutorial on making a multi-level (“nested”) push menu.

menu A Useful Multi level Push MenuThe menu can contain an infinite number of menus; upon opening a menu its parent moves to the background — just like in the picture.

These sorts of menus are useful for websites where you need numerous menus: shopping, apparel, product reviews, etc. Note, however, that only modern browsers are supported (fallback included).

Anchors For Any Page Element — Arbitrary Anchor

Arbitrary Anchor is a jQuery plugin for adding anchors to CSS/jQuery selectors.

arbitraryanchor Anchors For Any Page Element    Arbitrary Anchor

Arbitrary Anchor can be thought of as an extension of default anchor functionality. It provides neat functionality that gives you more control over scrolling to elements. It’s useful for long pages (such as research, multi-page articles and books).

Non-invasive User Guides — Guideline.js

Guideline.js is a library for creating non-invasive user guides without interfering with the codebase.

guidelinejs Non invasive User Guides    Guideline.jsWhat shocked me a bit was that there are no next/back buttons in the demo. Really, both fast and slow readers won’t like that. Luckily, such functionality can be implemented quite easily.

Guideline.js has a lightweight API and allows creating user guides without messing up the code you have, due to the library’s synchronous modus operandi.

Responsive Multi-level Menus — slimMenu

slimMenu is a jQuery plugin for creating responsive multi-level menus.

It’s very light and helps saving some space in the navigation, which could be one of the main uses of the genus ‘menu’.

slimmenu Responsive Multi level Menus    slimMenuslimMenu supports mobile phones. The desktop version has some nifty features, such as hover effects. The plugin can be customized with CSS, and some customization options are available as well.

Create Guided Tours of Websites — jQuery TourBus

TourBus is a plugin for creating guided tours of websites.tourbus Create Guided Tours of Websites    jQuery TourBus

It’s written in CoffeeScript and sports a clean, simple build that’s extendable but doesn’t lack in the basic features you’d expect from a plugin like this.

TourBus has an event-driven API that allows controlling the plugin on a greater level.

Merge Loading Status Into Buttons — Ladda

Ladda is a proof-of-concept button set that encapsulates the status of the action into the action itself.

imageclipper1 Merge Loading Status Into Buttons    LaddaLadda’s buttons have both a spinner and a progress bar option.

Actually, there are many other options, but those do other things, such as zoom the button into a progress spinner, et cetera.