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Accessible, Dropdown-enabled Tabs — NeoTabs

NeoTabs, a jQuery plugin developed by Pascal Precht, is a tab-generating plugin that also supports dropdown-enabled tabs.

neotabs Accessible, Dropdown enabled Tabs    NeoTabsWhile similar plugins already exists — the author points Accessible Tabs as an alternative — those don’t have a tab dropdown option. That is the main reason why NeoTabs was created at all.

Improved Functionality For jQuery UI Tabs — plusTabs

plusTabs is a plugin that enhances the functionality of jQuery’s UI tabs.

plustabs Improved Functionality For jQuery UI Tabs    plusTabsIf there are enough tabs to break into a second line, the plugin interferes by creating a ‘More’ tab.

Although options come scarce with plusTabs, they’re not much needed anyway.

Three Dimensional Menus With JS — Meny

Meny is a space efficient, three dimensional menu that uses CSS 3D transforms.

meny Three Dimensional Menus With JS    Meny

It works best on browsers with 3D transforms, but fallback to 2D is available, too.

What’s more, Meny comes with support for touch events on mobile devices, which makes it a perfect companion for iOS/Android-related websites.

Interactive CSS At Your Fingertips — Jarallax

Jarallax is a JavaScript animation library for parallax scrolling and other sophisticated design features.

jarallax Interactive CSS At Your Fingertips    JarallaxJarallax not only adds parallax scrolling, but also a number of animation features and drag/click/scroll controllers. 

As the developers put it, Jarallax is made for developers who want to add an extra dimension to their websites, by enhancing the user experience.

Add A Toolbar To Your Websites Effortlessly — jQuery Fubar

jQuery Fubar is a website toolbar plugin by Addy Osmani. It’s available as a tutorial and of course as a download, too.

fixedbar Add A Toolbar To Your Websites Effortlessly    jQuery Fubar

Although not every website would benefit from a toolbar — frankly, I think that no website that isn’t a web app would benefit from a toolbar, — there are other, marketing-related applications for such plugins.

The author goes out of his way to explain the reasoning and writing of the plugin, which is interesting at the very least, and even goes to explain about adding widgets as well as goes the extra mile to suggest other similar plugins.

Fixed Sticky Sidebar With jQuery — stickyMojo

stickyMojo is a jQuery plugin for adding a sticky sidebar to a page.

stickymojo Fixed Sticky Sidebar With jQuery    stickyMojoEasy to customize, fast, and flexible, the plugin is really a treat. What’s more, it only weighs about 4 kilobytes.

stickyMojo supports Chrome, IE8+, and FireFox. Graceful degradation is supported for older versions of IE.