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Webification Mashup 06-Jul-2010

  1. 35 Websites To Teach You How To Use CSS Effectivelycsstutorial Webification Mashup 06 Jul 2010Besides the obvious (w3schools, a list apart), this splendid list of web resources that can teach you how to use CSS to the max.
  2. 20+ jQuery Image Galleries for your next projectgalleries Webification Mashup 06 Jul 2010This huge list of jQuery powered galleries will ensure that you find a jQuery gallery that fits your taste.
  3. Amazing CSS3 Techniques You Can’t live Without
    fun with css3 final styled box Webification Mashup 06 Jul 2010
    The title says it all; you can learn how to create beautiful CSS styled boxes, create shadows and gradients–all that with CSS3 and no images!
  4. HTML5 Rocks! – a resource for open web developers.html5rocks Webification Mashup 06 Jul 2010
    Although we did have a separate post about HTML5 rocks, the resource just can’t be ignored–you can’t dismiss an introduction to HTML5 made by Google itself!
  5. A list of free vector social media icons.socialmedia Webification Mashup 06 Jul 2010
    These 80 social media icons look neat, are easy to use and can be scaled and reused ad infinitum as they are for free. The icons are also regularly updated.
  6. 23 Essential HTML5 resources.
    This rather sizable list has links to Wikipedia and Smashing Magazine, but, thankfully, includes other lesser known resources with tons of great content on HTML5.