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Webification Mashup 16-Jul-2010

  1. 35 jQuery Animation tutorials.
    webification2 image1 Webification Mashup 16 Jul 2010Who would’ve thought that you can create an animated robot with jQuery? See this demo to see what I’m talking about. A really nice list of tutorials–even useful ones.

  2. 9 More useful and Free Downloadable Web Design Books
    webification2 image21 Webification Mashup 16 Jul 2010This nice list, a follower to the 12 similar book list published this year, offers a list of free neatly written e-books for web designers. Free resources are often overlooked–but we love free stuff here at Webification.

  3. 10 Awesome jQuery Tutorials About Twitter
    webification2 image3 Webification Mashup 16 Jul 2010This list of tutorials will help any jQuery developer aspiring to merge with the worlds largest microblogging service.

  4. 30 Examples of Excellent Website Navigation
    webification2 image4 Webification Mashup 16 Jul 201030 excellent examples of website designs which Steve Krug would admire. This list is for everyone who wants to get the feel of how simple & effective website navigation looks like.

  5. A Collection of 20 HTML5 Video Players
    webification2 image5 Webification Mashup 16 Jul 2010A nice collection of 20 HTML5-powered video players.

    Although the <video> tag is pretty simple, creating a backwards-compatible HTML5 video player with additional features isn’t.

    This list can save you loads of work and find a fitting video player for your website.

  6. 28 Front-end Web Developer Cheat Sheets
    webification2 image6 Webification Mashup 16 Jul 2010To add even more seemingly random, yet carefully planned resources to this week’s mashup, we present 28 (!) cheat sheets for the contemporary web developer.