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Webification Mashup 16-Nov-10

  • 14 Cool Free Fonts
    font Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10Fonts are sometimes what turn a so-so headline into something that instantly catches the eye.
    It’s not always about the content, you know.

    And that is certainly the case with these fourteen beauties, which will surely supplement your font collection.

  • jPong – 3d pin-pong created with jQuery
    jPong Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10Well one day you’ll wake up and realize that you can make your breakfast with jQuery.

    Although this 3d ping-pong is admittedly in “fake” 3d, the game certainly shows how far you can go with jQuery.

  • Top 20 CSS Frameworks
    yuigrid Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10The one thing you get from wrap-ups is that you have a place to come back to, and can simply choose from the best when you need something of the sort.

    A nice wrap-up altogether, but they could elaborate a little more on each framework.

  • 50 Nice Animations Made With CSS3
    isocube Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10
    Yeah, JavaScript can create a “3d” ping-pong, but CSS3 is the designer’s an answer to that.

    The 50 examples show really creative usage of CSS3’s newest features, and my, are they impressive.

  • 10 most useful Javascript snippets from snipplr
    chexbox Webification Mashup 16 Nov 10
    These 10 useful snippets will help you in any given situation.

    Although the post lacks creativity, it’s still eye-opening that many basic (and more advanced) functions can be done without jQuery or any other JavaScript library.