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Webification Mashup 23-Jul-2010

  1. 50 Best Free Drupal Themes
    Mashupdrupal Webification Mashup 23 Jul 2010
    We have talked (a lot) about everything… except Drupal. Which is unfair. That’s why this list has 50 neat Drupal themes you can use for your Drupal-powered website.

  2. 14 Light and Easy to Use Open Source CMS
    RadiantCMS Webification Mashup 23 Jul 2010
    This list is what it is – 14 light and intuitive Content Management Systems. We covered a few of them here and there, but there are some gems in the list–otherwise we wouldn’t link it.

  3. 5 Great Resources To Learn How To Code
    WEBTUTS Webification Mashup 23 Jul 2010
    Although there are a few straightforward resources (namely W3Schools), these 5 resources are everything a beginning developer needs.

  4. 20+ Demos Showing Advanced jQuery Effects
    jQuery Webification Mashup 23 Jul 2010These 20 demonstrations of advanced jQuery technology prove that you don’t always need Flash for advanced stuff – you can do it with jQuery.

  5. 7 jQuery Books for HTML, ASP.NET, PHP Developers and Designers
    jQuery books Webification Mashup 23 Jul 2010
    Ok, this Mashup is starting to become jQuery-heavy… but
    these books are great. Pricy, but still great.

  6. Complete Guide To Content Strategy

    If you don’t know what content strategy is, you should probably start employing one. A long, yet nice read for everyone who has a serious website.