The act of converting content from its original format into a format capable of being displayed on the web

Find Color Schemes Easily — colourcode

colourcode is a web application that shows an intuitive way of generating color palettes.

colorpalette Find Color Schemes Easily    colourcodeUsers can find their preferred colors just by using the mouse. There are options for using only specific color palettes, such as monochrome, analogic, triad, and so on. The result can be downloaded as a .png, .css or .less file.

Check if Users Are Idle or Active — ifvisible.js

ifvisible.js is a library that checks if the page is active or idle.

ifvisible Check if Users Are Idle or Active    ifvisible.jsifvisible.js detects if the user is on another tab of stops interacting with the website and provides a trigger for when the user is active or not. This library could be used for games and subtler advertising tactics.

OnScroll Events Without Performance Complaints — Scrolling.js

Scrolling.js is a library that reduces the load on the client side for scrolling events.

scrollingjs OnScroll Events Without Performance Complaints    Scrolling.jsScrolling.js works using the requestAnimationFrame method, thereby reducing the performance toll on the client side. As John Resig said, “It’s a very, very, bad idea to attach handlers to the window scroll event.” Scrolling.js fixes just this very problem.

Simultaneous & Resumable Uploads — Resumable.js

Resumable.js is a library for managing continuous and resumable file uploads using the HTML5 file upload API.

resumablejs Simultaneous & Resumable Uploads    Resumable.jsThe actual method is quite similar to bittorrent, splitting the files in question into smaller chunks. The library is well documented and the plugin page also shows how to configure your web server for resumable uploads. Resumable.js has no dependencies and currently supports Firefox 4+ and Chrome 11+.

More Readable Code For Everyone — Code Beautify

Code Beautify is a web application for viewing different programming (and not only) languages in a human-readable format.

codeviewers More Readable Code For Everyone    Code BeautifyThe application takes input from a specific language (13 are supported in total) and turns it into clearly-structured awesomeness — users can pick their preferred way of structuring.

Along with making code more readable, Code Beautify also minifies, beautifies, converts and does other stuff to your code. For us copywriters there’s also a word counter with a keyword density tool.

Format Forms to Match Specific Input — formatter.js

formatter.js is a library that formats user inputs to match specific patterns.

formatterjs Format Forms to Match Specific Input    formatter.jsformatter.js can be used to format credit card numbers; to divide larger numbers with separators; format phone numbers; and so on.

The library is quite useful for making the job both on your and the user’s end much easier – formatter.js even keeps the ‘updated’ formatting for you to send to databases and stuff.